Spirited is a documentary film that will be on Minnesota Public Television. The curriculum is part of an Impact Campaign that will be launched nationally with the goals of schools, medical systems, and the public using a curriculum to learn about HMong beliefs. These illustrations will be key visuals within the curriculum to help folks further understand HMong beliefs. ​​​​​​​
The Other Side
What does a shaman see under the veil? This illustration uncovers the veil and gives folks an idea of what is on the other side. The bottom portion of the illustration is bare to exemplify what the people see and the top portion is what the shaman sees when in trance. Above you can see how the shaman rides their horse to the other side alongside their spirit guides. Far in the distance is the destination and surrounding them are other spirits or wandering souls.
Anatomy of the soul
This diagram gives a visual of the human soul. Xyw being solid red core and beaming the auras of the ntsuj because of how the ntsuj makes the xyw a whole–they are both interconnected. The plig surrounds the person because it is always with them, but not always attached.
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