Villainous Flower was a short-term campaign created to explore creative styles with co-artist, Ying Ye Lor. We collaborated on developing apparel that empowers and relates to the HMong-American experience. 
The initial thought of the logo was a design representing the creators. However, after discovering the target audience we decided to rebrand that will be representative of new initiatives. The rebrand kept the rose element of the first design to showcase feme strength. New colors were incorporated to identify the products in a new direction of more sustainable and handmade products.
Digital Design
This video and gif were created to show gratitude to supporters and to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Villainous Flower. 
Product Shoot
For the product shoot, I partnered with Ying Ye to direct and shoot. With the shoot, we hoped to show potential buyers how to style the t-shirts.
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