Aardvark in the park is a celebration to showcase the newly built art sculpture and shed at Western Sculpture Park. A piece designed by local artist, Silvercocoon, with the dual purpose of being a sculpture for the park and a shed for the summer "eARTh Lab" workshops hosted by the organization Public Art Saint Paul. This event was a community-wide event with approximately 500 attendees, local artists, and performers. As the Communications Outreach and Designer, I used the Aardvark kick-off poster designed by Mayumi Park as a style guide to crafted and expedited communications materials.

Print Materials​​​​
Digital Design
The organization thrives through community efforts and uses social media and major community events to gauge attendees. Through their platform, we continued with the use of the poster to create branded social media announcements. The Aardvark was a fun character used to show personality and gauge viewers.
Event Photography
These are some of the photos I took the day of the event.
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