Hey there! My name is Pachia Xiong. 
I am a Hmong-American multidisciplinary artist with a background in designing, illustrating, photography, and digital communications. Growing up art has played a critical role in my life and I loved to explore many aspects of it, but I never saw art as a career. I have worn many hats, but no matter what I did, I always found myself back at the same place–being creative.
I thrive to create and am fueled by my passion for building community and connections through art. I hope to showcase the rich history of my culture and my intersecting identities through self-healing and empowerment. 
I have worked in multiple fields of work, from freelancing to working with academics, to non-profit, to corporate, and startups. My specialties include brand development, logo design, illustrations, social media, content creation, multimedia design, and photography. Reach out or say hi 👋🏼

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